Experiential Learning Centre

Experiential Learning Centre

 Free Tools

We offer a range of free tools to support leadership and staff development. While these tools are primarily designed to work alongside Brilliant Leader, they can also be used on a stand alone basis by managers and leaders who have a good grasp of the relevant concepts.

 Johari Window
Reduce your blindspot and increase your open area:
Postive feedback tool - click here
Negative feedback tool - click here

 Competency Matrix
Two templates are provided - one for key leadership competencies and the other for core business skills. Both templates are completely editable based on the requirements for the team you are analysing. Click here (excel). Click here for guidance notes (pdf).

 Multi-Perspective Feedback 
Based on the same competencies as laid out in the competency matrices, this fully editable tool enables the capture of multi-perspective feedback to contribute to competency assessment. Click here (excel). Click here for guidance notes (pdf).

Take our new motivation survey and see the live results.

 Recruiting The Best
Download and edit our person specification template in order to help you recruit the best people. Click here (word)

 Driving Performance
This template guides you through one-to-one review meetings and enables you to capture the key information arising from the discussion. Remember though, it is the conversation that is the most important aspect of these review meetings and it must not become merely a form filling exercise. Click here (word) 

 Staff Development
A straightforward guide for managers and leaders explaining how to optimise your training budget and develop your staff efficiently and effectively. Click here (pdf)

A free taster activity for you to use in your next team meeting or away day. Click here (pdf)

 Leadership Toolbar
Keep up to date with the leadership world with our unique leadership toolbar. You get one-click access to the best leadership articles, blogs, books, newsfeeds, best sites and great tools. It is 100% free, downloads and installs in less than a minute and is guaranteed adware and spyware free. Click here

 Download our e-Brochure

For full details of our ready-to-go training courses and workshops in management, leadership and related business skills plus details of our coaching, team building and talent management services.

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