Experiential Learning Centre

Brilliant Leadership 
A Unique Leadership Development Workshop

Brilliant Leadership delivers an unrivalled depth of learning
                             - Knowledge
                             - Skills
                             - Attitudes
                             - Behaviours
                             - Values

Brilliant Leadership is a unique and powerful learning experience  
                             - 21 Learning Outcomes
                             - Active and Interactive
                             - Highly Experiential
                             - Fantastic Networking
                             - Simulation Based

Brilliant Leadership enables the swift and continuous transfer of learning
                             - Ideas Capture
                             - Daily Takeaways
                             - Detailed Action Planning
                             - Buddy System
                             - Unique Alumni Support

Brilliant Leadership is an extremely high value proposition
                              - Enables your organisation to develop a genuine leadership culture
                              - Motivates and inspires your staff
                              - Suitable for current and aspiring leaders through to middle management level
                              - Learning continues after the workshop
                              - The full 4 day workshop costs less than £250 per delegate (available worldwide)


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