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NOTICE - Following the publication of the second edition of Brilliant Leader, Simon Cooper now edits Brilliant Leader, The Leadership Development Site

Brilliant Leader 

Have you got what it takes to become a Brilliant Leader? In his exciting new book Simon Cooper explores the knowledge, skills, behaviours, traits and values required to become a leader who is both highly respected and has a reputation for getting the job done. Everything you need to become an effective leader is set out in ten simple, high impact chapters that will reinforce those things you currently do well while highlighting the areas you can improve. Brilliant Leader sets new standards in how to build, develop and lead high performing teams.


"In a world where 'cheap' information is all too easy to come by, it is fantastic to read a book that has veins of gold running through it"
Mike Finn, Director I-Team Marketing          ...more testimonials

Brilliant Leader (published by Prentice-Hall) can be purchased online at a 25% discount, including free p&p in the UK and Ireland. Simon has also developed a powerful experiential workshop based on his book which is available for organisations with ten or more current or potential leaders who need to learn how to build, develop and lead high performing teams.  

Book Details

Chapter 1 - Leadership Principles
How to adapt your leadership style based on the person, their ability and the situation.

Chapter 2 - Recruiting the Best
How to identify, source and select the best talent.

Chapter 3 - Coaching and Development
An analysis of the tools and techniques available for developing staff.

Chapter 4 - Driving Performance
Ensuring delivery against performance expectations, including a review of how to best motivate staff.

Chapter 5 - Managing Workloads and Delegating Effectively
How to prioritise your own time and that of your team through effective delegation.

Chapter 6 - Developing Team Synergy
Taking a group of capable individuals and turning them into an effective team.

Chapter 7 - Communicating like a Leader
How to conduct powerful and effective leadership conversations.

Chapter 8 - Leading Cross Functional Teams
Exploring and resolving the issues created by cross functional teamworking.

Chapter 9 - Managing Change
Developing a change culture and implementing the 10 steps of change.

Chapter 10 - The Big Picture
Considering the leader as a strategist around planning, processes, people and performance.

We also offer a range of free tools via this site in support of Brilliant Leader.

Contacting Simon Cooper

You can contact Simon via this site. If you have worked with Simon or attended one of his workshops you can also join his professional network.

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