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 Brilliant Leadership

Based on Simon Cooper's book, Brilliant Leader, this powerful four day workshop sets new standards in how to build, develop and lead high performing teams. Brilliant Leadership is a four day event that is highly practical and interactive, creating a sea change in leadership attitudes, values and behaviours for those who attend. It is suitable for all industries and all job functions - from new and aspiring team leaders through to those at middle management level. It is very different from virtually all other management and leadership training programs and will fast become the 'must attend' leadership development event in your company's training schedule. See below for a summary of the main reasons why Brilliant Leadership is so compelling.


A Multi-Layered Experiential Workshop
The four day event is based around a series of expertly designed simulations and activities that replicate the behaviours of the working environment. This doesn't mean your staff will be involved in a series of role plays, going outside and building rafts or climbing mountains. What your staff will be doing is looking at leading people and getting the best out of them from a variety of different angles and situations that we put them in. They will be fully engaged and challenged throughout the four days before we help them transfer this learning back to the workplace.

Powerful Learning
This workshop doesn't just focus on the knowledge and skills required to become an effective leader. It will have a fundamental effect on people's attitudes and values which in turn, will lead to a significant change in their behaviour. As the chart below shows, Brilliant Leadership specifically targets at least 21 learning outcomes that are each addressed several times and from several perspectives throughout the workshop.


Transfer of Learning & Continuous Development
One of the most compelling aspects our Brilliant Leadership program is that we actively support your staff in transferring what they have learned back to the workplace and help them to continuously develop. During the workshop delegates are encouraged to capture ideas as they go along and at the end of each day we summarise these ideas into a collective list of takeaways. At the end of the workshop delegates spend at least an hour turning these ideas and takeaways into an individual action plan that they share with a buddy of their choosing. While this would all be considered best practice for a high quality training event, we go a stage further and actively support your staff in their ongoing leadership development - for no extra charge! We do this by running a support fourm that is exclusive to alumni of Brilliant Leadership workshops. This includes regular articles and advice, access to some exclusive tools and discussion forums that enable the sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practice.   

A Low-Cost, High-Value Proposition
The Brilliant Leadership workshop has been designed so that it thrives on large group numbers - a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 delegates. Each workshop is run by two of our exclusively licensed, highly experienced facilitators. Instead of providing delegates with folders and course notes, we provide them with a copy of Simon's book in addition to a wealth of dedicated online resources and tools. These elements combined enable us to provide a unique, high-value proposition while keeping the cost-per-delegate to less than £250 for a full, four day workshop. We believe that if you compare the cost-per-delegate and the truly unique proposition that we offer with any other management or leadership training program, you simply will not find a better value course or workshop anywhere else.

For most organisations, our four day Brilliant Leadership workshop will not need any adaptation before being rolled out to your current and aspiring leaders, although we are open to making bespoke changes where required. We also offer some alternative delivery options to suit differing circumstances.

  • Open Events - Brilliant Leadership is primarily aimed at organisations who have a large number of leaders to be developed and therefore, is offered mainly as an in-company event. However, the program is equally applicable to leaders within smaller organisations. From time to time we will run open events to accommodate this need and you are invited to nominate staff who you would like to attend our next open Brilliant Leadership event. When we have sufficient nominations to run an open event we will contact you with full pricing and venue details.
  • Two Day Workshop - We understand that not every organisation will want to run a full, four day event for between 20 and 40 people but might still like their staff to be exposed to the principles covered in Brilliant Leader. In order to accommodate this we offer a two day, programmed learning workshop for between 6 and 12 delegates. This workshop covers a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time and as such, it does not have the depth of experiential learning as the full program. Nonetheless, it still delivers powerful learning outcomes and is both active and interactive.
  • Taster Session - We also understand that it is a major leap of faith for any organisation to run a brand new event on the scale of Brilliant Leadership without trialling it first. While the two day workshop can act as a useful pilot, we also offer a one-off taster session of the full workshop. This is a half day excerpt from the full program and is ideal for senior managers and HR or L&D staff to attend prior to making a commitment to the full workshop. This taster session can run with between 10 and 20 attendees.

What Next?
We welcome the opportunity of exploring how Brilliant Leadership can impact on your organisation and accelerate the development of your current and future leaders. Please contact us so that we can discuss your specific requirements in more depth ahead of meeting with you and putting together a bespoke proposal.      

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