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ELC Training Solutions (a division of the Experiential Learning Centre) is a learning and development partnership, formed in 2008. We are a team of highly experienced facilitators and coaches who are all experts in our field and committed to delivering exceptional levels of client satisfaction through high impact, in-company learning events.

Our focus is on leadership development, team building and related business skills. Our primary aim is to ensure learning can be readily transferred to the workplace. We achieve this by designing and delivering relevant, engaging and highly participative training courses that are supported by post course coaching interventions, as required.

Our training methods include business simulations, delegate driven case studies, a range of carefully targeted exercises and activities, interactive presentation of key concepts and high quality facilitation. Our facilitators create an environment in which the learning experience is memorable and fun while also challenging. This enables delegates to genuinely develop new attitudes and behaviours that can be applied as soon as they return to work.

In short, we occupy a unique position in the training marketplace, helping our clients deliver high impact, in-company learning events that centre on the swift transfer of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours from the training room to the workplace.

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For full details of our ready-to-go training courses and workshops in management, leadership and related business skills plus details of our coaching, team building and talent management services.

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